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For architects and civil engineers, BIM provides a dynamic platform for crafting 3D building models, enabling you to envision your designs with remarkable realism. Additionally, you'll experience how BIM amplifies cooperation among project participants, streamlining communication and improving the efficiency of design modifications.


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The Best BIM Training Institute in Anna Nagar, Chennai. We are doing best quality training to meet the current trending Industrial requirements. BIM Training Institute established to meet the growing demand for Diploma and Graduated Engineers.

We provide guidance and skill development for CAD,CAM,CAE along with life time accessibility.








BIM Course in Chennai:

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is an innovative approach that facilitates collaboration among architects, engineers, contractors, and builders within a digital realm. BIM Course technology offers numerous advantages, such as minimizing rework and mitigating the potential for errors. Furthermore, BIM Software Training in Chennai serves as an environmentally conscious and sustainable solution that not only reduces waste but also aids in strategic planning for future facility improvements.

BIM Training in Chennai involves the creation of comprehensive digital representations of buildings and infrastructure, spanning from the initial concept to the final construction phase, utilizing advanced 3D modelling techniques. Participating in BIM training in Chennai offers the advantage of enhancing project efficiency. Furthermore, virtual reality facilitates collaboration among engineers, property owners, and architects, eliminating the need for physical proximity. Even when they are geographically separated, they can engage in extensive discussions and receive feedback on preliminary designs.

BIM Training in Anna Nagar Chennai has a history, yet its popularity is on the rise. BIM Software technology has significantly enhanced communication regarding design and information coordination across various levels, fostering seamless sharing of both the advantages and disadvantages of ideas. Additionally, it facilitates the thorough analysis of potential impacts.

Overview of BIM Course in Chennai:

BIM Training in Chennai Anna Nagar district delves into the realm of digital modelling, encompassing the physical, technical, and functional attributes of a building. The BIM Training in Chennai serves as a collaborative hub for data and knowledge exchange, catering to all stakeholders involved and offering a foundational framework for informed decision-making throughout the entire lifecycle of a building, includes:

  • Structural Design
  • Model Construction
  • Workflow Maintenance
  • Operations
  • Demolition

Building Information Modelling (BIM) course Training in Chennai transcends the confines of a mere 3D CAD representation, extending its scope to encompass a wealth of data relevant to a wide spectrum of stakeholders across the building's complete lifecycle. These stakeholders encompass prospective buyers, owners, occupants, facility and property managers, safety inspectors, legal professionals, and emergency planners. BIM Training in Chennai also lends its support to the development of associated processes, including geographical analyses, urban planning, and landscaping initiatives

What You Will Learn from Our BIM Course in Chennai:

At BTI, we excel in providing the finest BIM Training in Anna Nagar, offering a comprehensive journey from the foundational to advanced levels of BIM Software Training in Anna Nagar. Our acclaimed BIM Training program in Anna Nagar, Chennai, is tailored to cater to students and professionals specializing in Civil, Structural, Mechanical Engineering, and diploma degree holders.

Amazing BIM Training in Chennai - Module:

BIM Training in Anna Nagar: Unveiling the Power of Building Information Modelling

In the realm of BIM training in Chennai, we embark on a journey where a cohesive 3D model is meticulously crafted by connecting a construction project to a smart and shared database, residing either in the cloud or locally. BIM, in its essence, fosters an unbroken flow of communication among Architects, Engineers, and Contractors, culminating in the creation of stunning architectural renderings, meticulous construction documentation, and an efficient building management system. Building Information Modelling, indeed, encompasses a professional skill set that harmoniously incorporates these three pivotal elements.

Who needs the BIM Software Training in Chennai?

The BIM Software Course in Chennai is designed to cater to a diverse audience spanning various industries and professions. Here's a breakdown of who can benefit from this course:

  • Estimation Specialists
  • Structure Inspection Experts
  • Facility Oversight Managers
  • Architectural and Engineering Professionals
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM) Supervisors
  • Project Management Leads
  • Drafting Experts
  • Structural Design Specialists
  • Construction Leadership Teams
  • BIM Coordination Specialists
Course Mode:
Job Position:

Students can focus BIM because the following job opportunities in Industries.

  • BIM Modeller
  • BIM Engineer
  • BIM Consultant
  • BIM Project Lead
  • BIM Manager
  • BIM Technician
  • BIM Designer
  • BIM Coordinator

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Flexible Course Module:

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BIM Basic Course

Any 1 BIM Software

Duration : 30 Days, Online / Offline Classess

  • 5 Full Day Lab Support
  • Training (LOD 100 - LOD 500)
  • 1 Job Assistance
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • 1 Project Support
BIM Professional Course

2-3 BIM Softwares

Duration : 75 Days, Online / Offline Classess

  • 20 Full Day Lab Support
  • Training (LOD 100 - LOD 500)
  • 3 Job Assistance
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • 2 Project Support
  • Resume Building
BIM Master Course

4 & above BIM Softwares

Duration : 90 Days, Online / Offline Classess

  • Unlimitted Lab Support
  • Training (LOD 100 - LOD 500)
  • Unlimitted Job Assistance
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • 4 Project Support
  • Resume Building
  • Mock Interview


BIM training institute offers a range of courses to help you master Building Information Modeling (BIM) principles and software tools.

Architectural BIM Course Enhances architectural design through digital collaboration and visualization

MEP BIM Course Streamlines building projects by integrating Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing systems digitally

Structural BIM Course in Chennai Digitally models and analyzes building structures for efficient engineering.

Construction Management in BIM Enhances efficiency by digitally coordinating and scheduling construction tasks

Interior Design in BIM in Chennai Optimizes spaces with digital modelling and collaboration tools

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Choose us for our expert instructors, comprehensive syllabus, hands-on learning approach, and up-to-date industry standards. We are committed to providing the best BIM course in Chennai to help you succeed in engineering and design.

Basic Training

Online & Offline Support

Course Completion


Training Based on Live Projects

2 Project per course

Govt Approved Certificate

Certificate from NSDC

Industrial Oriented Training

5 Year Exp Trainers

Beginner Friendly

No prerequisites needed

100% Placement Assistance

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  • Diploma Program in BIM Design
  • Professionals in BIM Design
  • Master Diploma in BIM Design

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Yes, we need basic drafting concepts for BIM Course Training Institute in Chennai. Don’t worry; we are taking AutoCAD software also. As it is of very easy 2D learning level. Everything that you need to know about civil software would be taught to you from scratch.

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Our reviews showcase the positive feedback we have received from our students who have completed our BIM Course Training programs. We take pride in delivering high-quality training that exceeds our students' expectations, and our reviews are a testament to our commitment to providing the best learning experience.

" This is is the first time I'm attending an online Mechanical design course in BIM Training Institute so the experience was very unique to me. But I'm very pleased with BIM Training Institute because the instructor Mr.Akilan is very knowledgeable and very clear in his method of teaching. And he helped me to attend the class according to my convenience and i completed my Creo,catia,NX cad, Soliworks course .Overall I'm very impressed with BIM Training Institute . One of the Best Mechanical Software training institute in Anna nagar area. "


" I studied BIM course package. BIM Training Institute is the best institute in Anna Nagar, Chennai is a good place to learn BIM software training. Anybody searching for BIM Course this BIM Training Institute is the one of the best place for the students who are searching for an BIM course. It is a nice experience to learn in BIM Training Institute. They Will fix the necessary Course. Totally i took 5 BIM Course here. Mock interview and evaluation Round is the best thing here to understand our level. Thank you Mr.Arivu sir. and BIM Training Institute Team. "

Gayathri Sivam

" Hi everyone ,Honestly speaking I am very happy and satisfied with the BIM Training course .I did in BIM Training Institute my trainer was Mr. Arivu sir, on my first day I was speechless but with the support and teaching style of my trainer I turned to be confident & now I can manage myself. Definitely I would recommend my friends to join there. One of the best BIM software Training center in chennai . Industry related Training unlimited lab support .Experienced faculty .Worth for moneyThanks a lot to my trainer & Institute. "

Divagar Venkat

" There are many software available which are used in Civil Engineering on BIM Training Institute on Chennai at Anna nagar . Due to the Technological Revolution, the number of software serving Civil Engineering needs are increasing manifold. So, to list out all these software will be an obtuse thing to do. Here is a list of SOFTWARE which are exorbitantly used by many Civil Engineers all around the world. Irrespective of the ranking, these 10 software are very much useful in Construction projects.Faculties are good .thank you. "


" If you really wanted to learn the nuances of engineering design and drawing , BIM Training Institute is the one stop solution. Moreover you feel at home because of their friendly teaching. They also provide job support to eligible candidates. I would call Mr.Aravanan Sor as one of the best BIM tutor in field right now. So please don't miss his technical knowledge sharing and professional tutoring. Thank you "

kishan kumar

" BIM Training Institute one of the best institution in Chennai compares to other institution. I taken AutoCAD , Creo and GD& T in cadd labs .Am working person. so They gave convenient batches and timing and they give importance to every students .Am very happy to learn here. Akilan sir taught me everything in in Mechanical design. Professional Training .I did Mono wheel project in Creo. Thanks you for supporting sir. "

Harini Muthuselvan

" Great place to imbibe knowledge in best way possible..!! No doubt, a big YES to BIM Training Institute. From their cordial teaching faculty to real time project trainings, i feel grateful to have attended the classes here for my civil softwares(Revit, Cadd, QTO, Primavera etc). I would further extend my thanks to Mr.Arivu sir who identified my job requisites and trained me accordingly. One to one training sessions was very helpful upon doubt clarifications. "


" Great place to imbibe knowledge in best way possible..!! No doubt, a big YES to BIM Training Institute. From their cordial teaching faculty to real time project trainings, i feel grateful to have attended the classes here for my civil softwares(Revit, Cadd, QTO, Primavera etc). I would further extend my thanks to Mr.Arivu sir who identified my job requisites and trained me accordingly. One to one training sessions was very helpful upon doubt clarifications. "

nishanthi sukumar

" I studied Diploma in Product Design at BIM Training Institute The infrastructure and environment are really good & Most importantly Training, they have lot of peasant and lot of knowledge and i also learn how to present our model, how to make hand drawing. when i completed my course i have confidence to handle new designs, Thanks for giving wonderful opportunity to build my career. "

Hema Latha

" If i join BIM TRAINING INSTITUTE ON ANNA NAGAR AT CHENNAI.Many of civil course on available here.I choose a course on Revit: Tips, Tricks, and Troubleshooting is a series in which you will learn to import CAD files to achieve consistency in a Revit project. With this training course, you will be able to know about various tools and techniques that can be used in Revit.Thank you faculties. "

sharmi la